A Little Glam… A Little Rock ‘N Roll

 I was born on November 5th, in Moscow, Russia and emigrated to the US when I was 4 years old giving me a chance to grow up all American in the ghetto fabulous Lower East Side in Manhattan. Yup, I’m still fluent in Russian. Don’t ask me to do the moose and squirrel accent, it kind of sucks.

I’m a third generation classical piano prodigy who was taught to play music by three family members including my Grandmother, Father and Mother – all of whom finished and were teachers themselves at the Moscow Conservatory of Music. To rebel from all the Russian school of corporal punishment type classical training, I picked up on the electric guitar after being introduced to Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony McAlpine and Vinnie Moore when I was 13. I can still play some of those solos today… if I feel like it, ok?

I went to LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts (the infamous “FAME” TV show High School and yes they did dance on tables) as an art major (yes, I also draw, paint and sculpt with the best of them – super helpful when I make cosplay costumes). I went on to get my first degree in Molecular Bio in college (on a dare) – only four people graduated with that degree that year and then off to grad school for an MBA.

I was sick and tired of school so I decided to try another hobby: martial arts and acting. I studied Shaolin Kung Fu (because everybody loves Kung Fu fighting) with Yee’s Hung Gar and a real Shaolin monk in NYC. But… I’m a woman of peace and real ass kicking didn’t really appeal to me. So what is the answer to Bruce Lee’s question for the ages: “What is the art of fighting without fighting?” The Answer: STUNTWORK! Kicking (choreographed) ass opened the door to the acting eventually and then some really wild work as a child sized hand model. No, I don’t wear oven mitts all the time, but, if you watch some of my action videos, you’ll see I’m almost always wearing something on my hands.

I’ve also, along the way, became a super geek, cosplaying, fan film making, comedy writing, film producing, makeup artist, who for some untold reason, feels the next logical step for me is stand up comedy. *Sigh*